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About Us

Intellectual Press Council And You ..

Journalists, Intellectuals and Writers given great contribution in Indian freedom. They had started work with diligent peoples in the beginning of 19th century. We have also seen that many organization have emerge to protect the rights of Journalists and Writers , but now time has been changed and we have entered in 21st century. Our nation has got freedom five decades ago, but still one questions is resounding in every heart and that is what we have gain and loose during this period. Standing on weak foundation of democracy this nation is now becoming unsteady. Fourth pillar of democracy is in a weak position. Nations reputation is on stake. Who will work in such crucial time? Answer is in your hand. This is your nation. Hence you have to work for it. For this very purpose INTELLECTUAL PRESS COUNCIL is at your threshold .We hope you will recognize this opportunity and become contributing factor for national progress.

IPC established in 1996 since then organization is actively working in 21 states of India, towards its Aims and Objectives. We are running various social services and regular activities for the development of poor and weaker section of peoples all across the country even covering the small districts, villages and slums near urban. These various activities for achieving our Aims and Objectives are running by our members and other post holders.

Brief on the activities and programs running by organization:-

  • Regional Centers of organization is present in 21states having regional members for understanding the needs and problems for the proper upliftment projects in an organized way.
  • Health Development programs for health of general community people.
  • Programs for the Intellectual development of youths.
  • Programs for the development of backward, other backward, scheduled tribes peoples.
  • Received ABI award from America for the significant contribution to the society and also in the field of journalism.
  • Received certification from Indian Consumer Rights Organization.
  • Received Award From International Human Right Commission for working towards the humanity of peoples.
  • Organized more than 1000 free Medical checkup camps in different parts of nation.
  • Our regular works of free distribution of books, bag, copies and other needful things to the needy children for their proper education already provided in more than 100 districts.
  • Organized more than 120 free Blood donation camps in various parts of the nation.
  • One Hospital in Chandigarh and 2 in Jalgaon with ambulance facility are running free of cost for providing the medical facilities to poor.
  • Free Medical centers are established for providing free medicines.
  • Provide relief funds for the help of people suffering from natural disasters.
  • Programs to free from some of the very bad habits (heavily drinking) and mental problems.
  • National monthly magazine for giving the latest news about the corruptions and other problems in the society.

Future planning

organization is already well established but even then we keep changing our strategies towards the proper upliftment and delopment works to suit the needs of the various community people, so we have hope to grow our organization with more programs to reach as much people as we can.

We hope for the proper help from everyone to contribute us for our aim and objectives of development works

Intellectual Press Council T-10, Goyal Niket, Zone I, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal-462011 India